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The Limited Edition Pisteheads Shred Ready Hoodie
  • The Limited Edition Pisteheads Shred Ready Hoodie


    This premium snowboarding hoodie, built for all styles riding. The Pisteheads Shred Ready Hoodie made for us by Brethren Apparel is built tough and durable to keep you on the mountain from first lifts to last orders. The Hoodie is feature packed, ensuring you stay warm, dry and comfortable, all season long.


    Tough Butt Tech -
    12" of Cordura on the bottom of the back. Tough and non stick, worry no more about sitting in the snow.

    Elbow Patches -
    great for bashing your way through lift queues, made from the Cordura too

    Pit Vents -
    Too hot? No probs, unzip these vents and cool down instantly


    Lift Pass Pocket -
    On the left sleeve to make it through gates with ease


    Protect the Neck -
    Nice high neck line, keeping you warm, snowboarding gets cold too


    No Snow Sleeves -
    Double cuffed Sleeves join into your gloves or mitts to stop the snow shooting up your arms


    The Ultimate Roo Pouch -
    Zipped tight 'Roo pouch with another zip tight, water-resistant pocket inside. Perfect protection for your valuables whilst you're riding with a headphones hole so you can blast to your favpurtie tunes!. 

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