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A Brand New World Wide Web Page by PisteHeads

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Welcome to The Pisteheads Skiing and Snowboarding Blog, Where you'll find all news and updates, any new designs and the making of any commissions or custom pieces. As well as stories of what its like to do winter seasons.


Now that we've said hello to the world, it’s time to introduce ourselves properly. We are Pisteheads a small group started in 2022 with the idea of creating a community, one that maximises everything winter season. We believe in getting as many first lifts as possible as well as last orders! We live for the pre-ski, during ski and of course apres-ski. After completing numerous seasons in Austria making the most of seasonaire life, we have now moved here full time to build a proper life in the mountains. And Pisteheads is a big part of that dream.

Picture of the new home page

The New Web Page

After lots of time deliberating and procrastinating we have finally got our web page and mobile page sorted bringing you everything Pisteheads much more easily to your finger tips. On our page you'll find all the latest Pisteheads news, any projects we have got going on (this blog will also keep you updated), as well as all of our Eco-Friendly Organic Recycled clothing and any other items we may sell. Also a great place to check out any custom commissions going on or any projects we have going on behind the scenes. Please subscribe to our mailing list for any updates straight to your inbox.

Our vision and dreams

The ultimate goal here at Pisteheads is to create a company that offers lots of cool merchandise, group ski days and tours, apres-ski parties and events as well as live music gigs in the mountains. We aim to do this whilst also being as friendly as possible to this planet we live on, which means sometimes our products will be slightly above average in cost but the value of made to order eco friendly products is way above average. Its nice to be part of the solution and not the pollution. Join us today in our mission to maximise winters

Please click the button below to subscribe to our to head to our website to see any cool updates and new merch as well as any new blog posts keeping you guys more involved.


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